Lucas Wiese


Howdy, I’m Lucas.

I am a PhD researcher at Purdue University in the Computer and Information Technology department. My research currently spans multiple interdisciplinary projects that converge to prepare students and professionals with actionable ethical skills to deal with contemporary challenges in artificial intelligence (AI). Specifically, I’m investigating how AI presents unique challenges to ethics education and how an individual’s differences and moral preferences lead to action from ethical decision-making. My work aims to address AI’s complex societal implications on matters such as societal safety, worker rights, and individual autonomy. Consequently, my research explores AI ethics in both educational settings and business contexts.

My research includes design-based education research in manufacturing and IT classrooms, in-depth examinations of AI deployments in manufacturing companies, and a comprehensive systematic literature review on AI ethics education. These endeavors allow me to build a holistic account of AI ethics and ensure that findings are not just theoretical but can be applied in real-world contexts. To guide me, I am grateful to be mentored by Dr. Alejandra Magana and Dr. Daniel Schiff and honored to be a member of both the Research on Computing in Engineering and Technology Education Lab (ROCkETEd) and the Governance and Responsible AI Lab (GRAIL). I finished my undergraduate education in 2022 with a B.S. in Cybersecurity and a B.A. in Philosophy, and complementary industry experience in IT administration and security. As a result, I use first principles from philosophy with contemporary literature in educational theory, moral psychology, engineering, and computer science for my research on AI ethics.

This site is a WIP. Contact me at lwiese[at]purdue[dot]edu to ask me any questions, collaborate, or request materials from my work.

Be kind and have a great day!